Dark Wood Wardrobe Ideas For Your Bedroom

  • November 6, 2023
  • by ID
dark wood wardrobe-ideas for your bedroom

Dark wood consist of dark colored wood or materials incorporated in it. If you are planning to choose a dark wood wardrobe, make sure to make all the other things in the room complement with the darker shade, which means the bed, curtains, and everything else have to be in a lighter shade. This combination will give the room a fantastic visual of balanced and spacious feel.

A dark shade of wood wardrobe in the room gives it a vintage feel and makes a better choice for anyone who doesn’t want to choose a pure black wardrobe. Anyone who loves classics, it’s yours to make the right call. There are many collections to choose from, so you can have a look and build something unique that is only for you.

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Light wood wardrobes have been in fashion for the last many years, but now the shift is to contemporary wardrobes and bringing your design to your bedroom. Continue reading this article if you want to know more about dark wood wardrobes.

Benefits of Dark Wood Wardrobes

Dark wood wardrobes are built with good materials, offer longevity with less maintenance, and are easy to use. There are tons of benefits to dark wood wardrobes. Here are the top three to have you hooked on them:

  • Versatile: The most adaptive material one can have for their house, wood, can offer luxury, sophistication, tradition, modernity, or simplicity. This makes wood the best choice to have their furniture built and can rule in every corner of the house.
  • Durable: Dark wood or any wood is the best solution to have your wardrobe built-in; it offers durability compared to any other material. Choosing the type of wood will make the final call and go according to your budget and preference.
  • Easy Maintenance: So, first, choose the best wood selection based on the weather of your house; after that, it’s no head over the bush. Dark wood is easy to maintain and requires minimal cleaning every day without much effort. Wipe to remove dust; don’t let it have direct contact with the sunlight(depends upon the wood); and avoid getting it wet every day.

Choosing The Right Dark Wood Wardrobe

While choosing a dark wardrobe for your bedroom, consider your room decor, wall colour, and overall interior. It should simplify the room decor and give a complete look to your bedroom.

Dark wood wardrobes are a vast choice to select from, with different styles, choices of wood, patterns, colours, and many more. To choose the best dark wood wardrobe, these are the customers first  choices:


mahogany color for dark wood wardrobe

It comes in a reddish brown colour; with time, the colour gets richer and darker. It’s known for its workability and durability. Mahogany wood is used for many purposes apart from furniture, like building music instruments and games


walnut color for dark wood wardrobe

It’s dark wood with a grain pattern. Its wood is strong and dense, used for luxurious furniture making and woodwork.


the picture about cherry colored dark wood wardrobe

The cherry wood is robust and will last a long time. It darkens when exposed to sunlight. Compared to other dark woods, it’s easy to bend into any shape and can be used for many different purposes.

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Dark Wood Wardrobe Style

Dark wood is versatile; it can be adapted to any style, be it modern, classic, or simple. And it can be remodelled and changed according to trends. Below, we have mentioned each style of dark wood wardrobe and how it will look.


traditional style dark wood wardrobe placed in bedroom

Dark wood can give your house a beautiful vintage feel in the modern era. If you like to have a traditional collection, nothing can beat a traditional wardrobe incorporated into your bedroom.

You can make adjustments based on your needs, paint it any colour, and add external accessories to match your bedroom colours.


modern style dark wood wardrobe in living room

Dark wood gives off a traditional feel, but with a little bit of style, it can be turned into a superb modern piece. Incorporated with the latest design, more geometrical shapes, and LED lights.


minimalist dark wood wardrobe

Nothing is more attractive than simple geometric shapes added to the wardrobe. If you are seeking a simple design with minimal design, a wall-mounted fitted wardrobe in the bedroom can do the job easily.

Incorporating Dark Wood Wardrobes into your Bedroom Decor

If the wardrobe is the new member of your furniture collection, then build one that is perfect for the room. The rest of your room should be filled with lighter shades of objects to have a perfect balance, or else the room will become too compact.

Space: Make sure the room remains spacious even after adding the wardrobe. The dark shade of the wardrobe will be the spotlight of the room among other furniture, so plan accordingly to make the adjustable shifts in the room to breathe.

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Interior: You can use aesthetic lamps, plants, and wall decor to compliment your dark wardrobe. Find the perfect balance of colour among all. Your interior will look gorgeous if you make sure to have the proper design aligned.

Lighting: Use warm lights to the room if you want to have a cosy feel overall; otherwise, using normal lights will give a balanced look to the room.

Maximising Storage and Organization

picture about the efficient usage of dark wood wardrobe

You have to use the space effectively in order to maximise your storage in the wardrobe and make your room clutter-free. Here are some tips to keep in mind before installing a wardrobe in your room:

Types of wardrobe: Walk-in wardrobes are loved by all as they’re open and have all your collections, but they are quite expensive compared to other wardrobes. Built-in wardrobes are a good choice, as they are installed based on your requirements.

Door Design: The type of door makes all the difference. Yes, you read it right. If you add a sliding door, you can place chairs and plants next to your wardrobe and give you more room. Where hinged doors cover the space, it all comes down to your room space and your needs. So, choose wisely.

Accessories: You can add hangers, hooks, shelves, drawers, a shoe rack, a jewellery drawer, a watch and tie case, etc. Make the necessary fittings in the wardrobe so you can utilise all the space and fill the wardrobe with your items while still having space for more. In the end, build a wardrobe to use every inch of the space and leave you with more options.

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Maintenance and Care

Everyday cleaning: Do proper cleaning of the wardrobe inside and out. It doesn’t have to be much, but regularly keeping the dust away will keep your wardrobe new and not lose its shine.

Make sure all the clothes are washed and dried. Don’t dump clothes in the wardrobe; keep them aligned and clean. Make sure to put the clothes all dry; moisture can ruin the wardrobe in the long run; it’s wood after all.

Regular fittings and oiling: Don’t avoid the creak from the wardrobe; let the soothing remain in doors and drawers to avoid damaging the fitting. Regular oiling of the joints is a good solution, but check with the experts before applying anything.

Case Studies and Inspirational Ideas

Here are some case studies for you to have a look at: how we have solved customers’ problems and brought them unbeatable solutions.

Case Study 1

open walk-in wardrobe with dark wood in a white bedroom

Query: How to install an open walk-in wardrobe with dark wood in a white bedroom.

Solution: We included multiple and well-organised storage areas for storing various objects, as well as colours that flow effortlessly, perfectly complementing one another. With a complete brief and a clear wardrobe bedroom design idea, finally, our client came across a bespoke wardrobe that goes with the master fitted bedroom. Read here for the final product…

Case Study 2

closet with additional space and a vanity unit next to the bed, complementing the room's aesthetics.

Query: Requested a closet with additional space and a vanity unit next to the bed, complementing the room’s aesthetics.


Solution: We have taken the client’s instructions into account and shown them a few designs that will be appropriate for their particular needs and serve as the most efficient storage solution imaginable.

We have worked with their daily needs to have them store the items they want close to them in their vanity unit and closet.

Using a few brainstorming sessions, signify the benefits of various materials and advise on how to choose based on their environment and long-term benefits. Read more to see the final result…

Budget-Friendly Options

If you want to go budget-friendly, we can help you consult with an expert. It has to be make sure in each and every step of your wardrobe building. While choosing the wood, other materials, paint, door style, finishes, assessments, and lighting while rest assured of the quality.

Prioritise the long-term factor; it will have a huge impact on the budget, then the size of the wardrobe, and next the finishes. It all comes down to having the necessary elements in your wardrobe and removing all the unnecessary ones.

Apart from this, you have the DIY options, and it beats them all, but make sure to go with the instructions carefully.

Experts Tips and Recommendations

Here is our expert advice on dark wood wardrobes in a bedroom. “It displays a vintage and nostalgic feel to the bedroom. The dark, rich colour creates a sense of luxury while complementing the room design. The beauty of dark wood is that it can take you back in time yet keep you ahead.”


In this article, we discussed that dark wood wardrobes are a popular choice for bedrooms due to their versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. They come in popular dark wood options, including mahogany, walnut, cherry wood, and more. When choosing a dark wood wardrobe, consider the door style, the overall interior of the room, and having enough space. dark wood is most commonly used material in walk in wardrobe. You can customise the style and interior of the wardrobe, and with proper maintenance, you can have your wardrobes with you for ages.

To have an expert opinion, you can reach out to us and have a free consultation at your home.