What is Fitted Under Stair Storage?

Fitted beneath the stairs and fitted wardrobes both refer to those that are made to order and used as desired.

under stair storage in london

The area may be used in various ways, which can free up room in your home. 

Open wardrobe, library, display, cellar, kitchen, home office, etc. You'll be astonished to learn how many uses your staircase might have in addition to serving as a space-taker.

If the area is next to the kitchen, you may use it to store kitchenware and build cabinets. In your bedroom, you can turn the space into your dressing room, and the cosy corner will be perfect for a selfie spot.

The living room may serve as a cellar, a showcase, a closet, etc. In essence, it relies on where the space is. You may use the area whatever you need to depending on your needs.

Looking for Bespoke Under Stairs Storage Solutions in London?

Yes, this is the right place for you,

When you look around your house and notice all things laying here and there and wish if there was storage dedicated to such important but not everyday use things, to store them without compromising on aesthetics. For such trivial things let us suggest to take a good look around you and identify all the underutilized and waste spaces around your space especially under your stairs that end up being a dumping ground or storage for shoes or shopping bags.

The modern way of design in bespoke under stairs system is one of the best options for the people. It creates a new way of outlooks and it completely changes the entire storage systems.

Most houses are designed in such a way that they have good spacing under the stairs. Under stair storage is of a quite good size and if utilized properly they can become good storage units. Innovative Designs offer to make the most out of yours by putting in a fitted unit carefully measured and made-to-measure. Fitted units are a perfect fit for the small or big spaces. Fitted units can be easily transformed according to use and utility these can be converted to make it an open plan or closed ones. These are seamless with the stairs and wall and give you accessible and extra storage space for especially for you.

Most Homes have good size under stair storage space, make the most of yours by putting in a fitted unit. Fitted units are a perfect fit for the small and at times big space, these can be converted to make it an open plan or closed ones. Fitted units will be seamless with the stairs and wall and will give you accessible storage space for everything from your shoes, sports kit, bag and whatnot.

With Innovative designs under stairs storage solutions there is no more looking around and wondering if you have any space left for that extra pair of shoes and get that fitted storage unit to put away your worries, woes and neatly arrange all your shoes, shopping bags, moccasins and make it a perfect hiding space for all your Christmas presents.

With over 60 colors, multiple textures and awe-inspiring finish we make sure we build you long-lasting furniture pieces that ease your life and give you the best utility and comfort. So if you have a studio apartment or a white picket fence house we can transform the under-stair space into a storage unit of bliss.

In conclusion, under stair storage is a great solution for homeowners in London looking to make the most of their limited space. There are many creative under stair storage design ideas to choose. Have a look at our Under stairs Storage Solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Under the stairs is the safest place to stay in case of a natural disaster because the space is not above something heavy or has windows. Because windows can blow in or burst during storms, inner passageways and closets are frequently preferable.

There is practically never any particular plan to use the area under the stairs. All types of household items are frequently stored in this area. To come up with an under-stairs storage solution, you may need to give it a lot of attention if your staircase runs through the common room. Consider concepts that might work best for your home.

In London, there are several furniture stores where you may purchase the items of your choice and put them beneath your staircase. However, Innovative Designs here offers furnishings depending on your preferences as you search for the best. A single piece of furniture might not be able to transform a beautiful area of your home into something unique that will impress your friends and family whenever they visit and also showcase your sense of style. However, with our help, you can do just that.

The area under the stairs is referred to as a "spandrel" if there isn't another set of stairs directly below it.