If you are looking for Bespoke loft fitted wardrobes and units then you are in the right place. Explore Loft conversion types of furniture from Innovative designs and convert your area now. Interior comes with Drawers, Racks, Rails & Shelves. Also, accessories involving Handles, Mirrors & Lighting.

We ensure to maximize storage in such areas as this typically requested from clients. Innovative Designs assure to provide full floor to ceiling height solutions and a timeless enrichment for your fitted loft space. Our bespoke loft-fitted wardrobes can be as creative as innovating a walk-in wardrobe space or uniquely designing an aesthetically pleasing wardrobe and unit in line with the shape of your ceiling and home.

This is because typically a loft conversion can restrict ceiling height and limit your storage space. However, as profoundly known as ‘Innovators to Renovators’ we guarantee to provide effective and cost-efficient solutions. All you need to do is place your trust where your money is to achieve the best results with Innovative Designs.

Don’t just leave your loft unattended! Fitted Loft Wardrobes by Inspired Elements are available in a variety of sizes. Now you can turn your loft into a useful loft closet with bespoke storage and designs. Our customers work with Inspired Elements to design a unique eaves storage solution for themselves. In addition, our experienced team of interior designers and manufacturers has extensive experience refurbishing and manufacturing Bespoke Furniture in the UK.

Explore and order your favourite loft wardrobes. Our staff will design, produce, and outfit the fitted closet according to your specifications. The great thing about loft wardrobes is that they may make use of spaces in our homes that we don’t believe are ideal. The loft’s design is highlighted by slanted ceilings and angular alcoves. Our Loft Storage Solutions come with a variety of functional alternatives as well as all the necessary accessories. The interior of your loft built-in closets can be customized with trouser hangers, shoe racks, mirrors, pull-out shelves, and glass top dressing tables; the possibilities are unlimited.

Loft Conversions

In the timeframe you select, our artisans produce made-to-order loft wardrobes and on-demand accessories for your loft. Schedule your free design appointment now to find your best eaves storage solution! In our bespoke loft wardrobe category, you can find all your favorite closet concepts and styles. Our crew created all the furniture and decorations in your favorite room.

Attic Wardrobes

It is not a good idea to let your attic space to sit ideally. Hire one of our interior designers to quickly turn your attic into a well-organized walk-in attic wardrobe. Because of the restricted room in your attic and the eaves taking up the rest, they have a constrained space tag around them. However, this is simply one viewpoint. What if we told you, it also came with the option of an extra bedroom? Or maybe you’ve always wanted your own walk-in closet. In our attic wardrobes area, you may make your own attic closets!

Loft Storage Solution

From your loft space, we can create whatever wardrobe design you like. A bespoke walk-in loft wardrobe is used in most of our clients’ loft storage concepts. We create bespoke loft wardrobes to meet your specific storage requirements. Even if you have an inclined or sloped ceiling, we can build unique furniture and accessories depending on your loft area and specifications. You can accomplish all of that and more with Inspired Elements. Our designers create loft storage that is specific to your needs and family size.

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Regardless of the shape or size of your loft interior, our team will produce a design that is suited for your space. Likewise, we create unique furnishings to complement your loft closets. You may have custom-built eaves storage from Inspired Elements in your favorite finish, colors, themes, and more. There are also elegant walk-in lofts with custom drawers, rails, and racks. To cement the deal, order your fitted loft wardrobes with our experts and schedule a free design consultation now!

Our artisans produce made-to-order cabinets and accessories for your loft in the time frame you select. Now is the time to choose your favorite eaves storage solution and set up your free design consultation! In our Uncomfortable Space Solutions section, see our most recent solutions for transforming alcoves, under stairs, and other awkward areas into a useable area suited to you! Inspired Elements loft wardrobes are custom-made to match your angle and slope dimensions. Make the most of your space with our integrated loft storage solutions and loft room closets. Our attic bedroom wardrobes may be entirely customized to fit any strangely shaped attic space. We take considerable care in bringing your loft conversion idea to life.

We can make whatever wardrobe design you desire out of your loft space. Most of our clients’ loft storage ideas involve a custom walk-in loft wardrobe. We provide custom-made loft-fitted wardrobes that are tailored to your storage needs. We supply custom-built furniture and wardrobes as a Bespoke Ceilings Solution depending on your loft area and measurements with the addition of an inclined or sloping ceiling. With Inspired Elements, you can do all of that and more. Our designers build loft-fitted storage that is tailored to your lifestyle and family size.


Do you require additional space in your bedroom? Here’s a fantastic selection of loft-fitted wardrobes to help you become organized. Our loft storage alternatives improve usable space while retaining the harmony and safety of the bedroom. It is not a good idea to wait for your fitted loft wardrobe ideas to settle completely. What if we tell you that it also comes with the option of adding a loft bedroom? Or maybe you’ve always desired a one-of-a-kind Small Walk-in Wardrobe. Choose from our wide range of loft space storage solutions to discover the perfect style, design, and storage options for you, making us one of London’s finest loft-fitted wardrobes manufacturers. Hire one of our interior designers to quickly turn your space into a well-organized walk-in loft closet. Because of the restricted area and the eaves taking up the rest, your loft has a confined space tag around them. However, this is simply one viewpoint. Angles and slopes in loft conversions and attics necessitate a bespoke fitted loft wardrobe to match the area. We provide bespoke wardrobes in any form to maximize the space in your sloping ceiling roof loft bedroom from floor to ceiling.

We make every effort to make your life easier and more productive. From wall-to-wall built-in loft closets to constructing a well-organized and functional storage room for your family, we do it all. Using angled-fitted drawers and clever storage cabinets, our team additionally makes use of floor-to-ceiling loft space. In our opinion, an empty loft area can be used as an extra bedroom! Your loft bedroom will be just another family pleasure extension with the stylish accessories we provide. Fitted Mirrored Wardrobe Doors are the most suitable among all contemporary wardrobe doors. They are available in a variety of custom styles, ranging from basic, beautiful wardrobe doors to stylish, opulent wardrobe doors. Any walk-in closet in the UK may be designed and built by our team, with an unlimited variety of options and features.

The usual norms do not have to apply to your designer’s tiny loft closet. We make sure that your furniture and accessories reflect your personality and style statement. We welcome rather than impose. By designing your fitted loft wardrobe ideas on a daily basis, we have a wealth of knowledge and new ideas for each new customer. So much so that the loft may be used as a bedroom, walk-in closet, personal lounge, and so on. To learn more, locate one of our showrooms near you and pay us a visit at your leisure. From our broad variety of loft space storage solutions, choose the style, design, and storage options that work best for you, making us one of London’s finest loft fitted wardrobes manufacturers.

Your odd-shaped loft will find an appropriate design solution at Inspired Elements, whether it’s a tiny loft wardrobe or a large one. We also fine-tune your freshly equipped Hinged Wooden Wardrobes and bedrooms with customized accessories like wardrobe runners and slides, doorknobs, rails, rods, pull-out drawers, and so on. Make the most of your cramped attic space with a creative storage solution from our extensive built-in loft wardrobe selection.

Pull out wardrobes for lofts needs a lot of creativity, which we have in spades. You may select any color, interior, and accessories to make it unique for you, based on your preferences. Rails for shirts, storage places for folded clothing, drawers for sensitive goods, and a shoe rack for your favorite pair of shoes are all things that you may want from time to time. Auxiliary goods such as doorknobs, lighting, and other things are also sourced from only the most reputable and established manufacturers on the market. With endless options, we provide distinctive and classic Loft Conversion fitted wardrobe Storage Ideas. Our unique selection covers all designs that complement the aesthetic aspect of your house, from wardrobes for sloping ceilings to closets for attic bedrooms.

Before buying a fitted loft wardrobe, check out Inspired Elements’ recent blogs for answers to all your burning questions, recommendations, and queries. Read our newest guides and articles on loft wardrobe ideas to discover all the new features and designs on the market that will fit your attic storage space in the United Kingdom. Built-in loft wardrobes, eaves storage solutions, and tiny loft wardrobes are all covered in our posts.

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for bespoke loft-fitted wardrobes and units. Explore the many varieties of furniture for Loft conversions from Innovative Designs and start converting your space right now. Drawers, Racks, Rails, and Shelves are included in the inside. Handles, mirrors, and lighting are also available as extras. We make efforts to enhance storage in locations like these that are often requested by clients. Innovative Designs guarantees that your fitted loft space will have full floor to ceiling height solutions and a timeless enrichment. Our bespoke loft-fitted wardrobes may be as inventive as building a walk-in wardrobe space or designing an aesthetically attractive wardrobe and unit in accordance with the layout of the room.

Furniture for non-standard settings, such as loft rooms, will never be easy to come by. As a result, we provide completely personalized furniture that can be tailored to match the demands of all our clients. Our custom-made wardrobes and furniture are ideal for lofts and attics with slanted ceilings, uneven floors, and odd floor plans. This is since a loft conversion generally reduces ceiling height and storage space. However, like the well-known ‘Innovators to Renovators,’ we promise to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions. To get the greatest results with Innovative Designs, all you must do is put your money where your mouth is.

Built-in wardrobes make the most of your attic conversions by enhancing the aesthetic of the underutilized area. Why not use the inconvenient area in your bedroom for storage, and not just any storage when you can transform it into an attractive section of the room with numerous wardrobe ideas? It must be inconvenient to have so much room when you can’t think of anything to do with it. Since storage is one of the finest alternatives available, why not make it the best option?

Customized wardrobes work wonders for individual design, as each room form and size is different. Make the room more appealing by adding drawers and cabinets that are lined with the wall angle. Highlight the area using colors that contrast with the ceiling. Customized wardrobes are also cost-effective. Consider smaller sizes that are the same length as the foot of the wall and utilize the space above for hanging clothing or adorning the wall with showcases or windows if you like streamlined storage. The goal is to keep the look simple and clean.

When it comes to constructing creative storage for your area. Assembling the furniture according to the plan. The advice of a designer would be beneficial in developing wardrobes that complement your room and décor. Loft conversions are difficult to deal with when it comes to converting the space into functional storage. Starting from the beginning and doing a little arranging will help you develop useful storage space in your loft conversion.

Fitted wardrobes for loft conversions are a great way to expand the storage space in your attic bedroom. Some rooms in a loft conversion can be difficult to deal with due to slanted ceilings, sloped walls, alcoves, and eaves. As a result, it may be difficult to find freestanding furniture that matches this space, and fitted furniture is the best alternative for making the most of your available space.

We can design and install a fitted wardrobe in your loft extension no matter how difficult the space is, and the wardrobe will fit perfectly to any shape of your attic room, providing you lots of storage space.

Plain doors on an attic wardrobe – You’ll need angled fitted wardrobes to fill the gap if your bedroom has a sloping ceiling due to being in an alcove or eave, or if you’re installing built-in wardrobes in a loft conversion and you’re dealing with a little area. If you plan of time, you won’t have to compromise on style or storage space.

Our angled wardrobes are custom-made to accommodate your awkward area while also providing appealing storage. We’ll give you a quick, transparent price after you provide us the dimensions and specifications.

Fitted Wardrobes – Fitted wardrobes can also be customized to meet the amount of storage space required. The wardrobe’s appearance is enhanced by the fact that it is built to encompass the entire space from floor to ceiling. Contemporary fitted wardrobes come in a variety of colors and finishes, including Matt, High Gloss, Wooden, Spray Painted, and Oak Veneer, to name a few.

hinged wardrobesliding wardrobe, or even a walk-in closet are all examples of contemporary wardrobes. Contemporary fitted wardrobes are one of the most popular wardrobes in the UK because of all these qualities and more.

An L-Shaped wardrobe in the Loft space – This wardrobe is compatible with a variety of doorknobs. This is the most popular wardrobe in both modern and classic households, and it may be built of any material.

What’s the purpose of squandering bedroom space when it might be put to greater use? Even corner places if required! Modern wardrobes make advantage of every inch of available space. Jewelry and underwear, as well as shoes and winter clothes, can be stored in empty corners in recesses. Wardrobes that are designed to appear good while still storing a lot of items are instances of intelligent design. Furthermore, L-shaped shelves perform well and should be fully utilized possibly.

Mirrored Wardrobe – People across the world choose wardrobes with mirrors because they are so handy. Adding mirrors to the wardrobe design, whether on traditional hinged closets or contemporary sliding wardrobes, adds utility to the wardrobe design while conserving space that would otherwise be dedicated to a vanity unit.

The most essential component of the wardrobe is the door, which you may customize to fit the size of your space. A sliding door or a hinged door are ideal alternatives if you have limited space since they maximize the available space and can be used in a variety of ways. Outside mirrors and hooks on the inside of the doors will save space. Therefore, choose a suitable door depending on your requirements.

Innovative Designs’ range of completely bespoke loft conversion designs may help you make the most of your space while also addressing storage issues. We provide our clients bespoke solutions that include a variety of alternatives for the same area as well as the use of materials that are within their budget. Our team will be pleased to provide you with one-of-a-kind fitted bedroom solutions.

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When you are planning the loft conversion, the eaves are always challenging, here we look at that as an area that can be designed to perfectly maximizing the storage area. Fitted units in your attic will convert the unused space to an exciting space both in looks and utility. At Innovative Designs, we look at the size and the layout and build bespoke solutions, wardrobes to fit under eaves, hinged doors or sliding doors to suit the small spaces, cabinets to compliment the space, and even the lighting. Whatever be the space and shape of the loft, you call us to find out what we can do to work with you as part of your loft conversion.

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